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Looking for a keyboard in your language? Check this!

Here is the right place if you want a Keychron Keyboard in the following layouts/languages.

adapt the keyboard to the one you want

Keyboards for non-US languages are often difficult to find on the market mainly for two reasons: 

1. Given the relatively small number of people who use non-US keyboards, it can potentially take a very long time for creators to sell out of non-US layout keyboards. As they need to order more than market demand to satisfy the minimum order quantity set by the factory.
2. Since there are thousands of languages in the world, there can be thousands of models at the same time if keyboard companies design and manufacture a keyboard for every language. This can result in problems like difficulties in managing product SKUs, the backlog of inventories, unhealthy cash flow, and so on; especially for small companies. However, we’d like to do our best to support Keychron or potential Keychron users’ needs around the world to type comfortably in their language.

Keyboard layouts or keycaps on the market can sometimes be expensive. We want to give you the best discounts, so all the ISO keycap prices are currently reduced by 30% to 40%, to help you can get your favorite keycaps at a relatively low price and get you closer to a better typing experience.

All of our keycap sets come with Mac and Windows keycaps, so you can buy any keycap set worry-free! Hope this helps.