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Keychron's Explanation for Why We Ask for Identity Verification

Some customers will receive emails with the subject "risk order confirmation" sent by and will be asked to provide specific information to verify the legitimacy of their order. Some of our customers may feel uncomfortable about this, but we’re here to address your concerns.

Why does Keychron ask for identity verification? 

Shopify provides us with a feature that analyzes fraud to help us identify orders that could be fraudulent.

The fraud recommendation tells us if an order has a low, medium, or high risk of a chargeback due to fraud analysis.

If an order has a medium or a high risk, we have the option to verify the order, cancel the order, or refund the order. Verifying the legitimacy of the order is usually our first choice, which is why Keychron asks for identity verification.

For more information about Shopify fraud analysis, please click here.

What information do you need to provide?

1. If paying by credit card, take a photo of your card. You only have to the last four digits visible (You can hide the rest of the card numbers ). We will verify it with the card number associated with your order to make sure this is a legit purchase.

2. If paying by PayPal, take a picture of your ID showing your name and a screenshot of the PayPal payment revealing the invoice ID and the transaction ID.

How to avoid this?

1. Pay with your own credit card/Paypal.

2. Make sure the shipping address matches the billing address.

3. Don't use a web proxy.

4. Other special circumstances.

About our privacy policy

Keychron takes your privacy security very seriously. We only ask for your identity information to confirm the legitimacy of the order, it will never be used for other purposes. You have the right to refuse to provide, if that is the case, we may have to cancel the order and issue a refund. We appreciate your understanding. To learn more about our privacy policy, please click here.