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Order together, lower shipping fee for each item.

For any add-on orders (e.g.: palm rest, keycap set, switch set etc) not included a  keyboard, shipping fee goes up every 0.5kg (1.1lbs) due to our shipping company rates.

Shipping WeightShipping Fee
0.1-0.49kgSame shipping fee within this range
0.5-0.99kgSame shipping fee within this range
1-1.49kgSame shipping fee within this range
1.5-1.99kgSame shipping fee within this range

And so on.

For instance, the shipping fee will be slightly different if the shipping weight of your add-on order is 0.4kg and 0.7kg.

But shipping fee are the same for the following combinations as the total shipping weight does not exceed 0.5kg:
1 x ABS Keycap Set (0.22kg), or
1 x ABS Keycap Set (0.22kg) + 1 x Switch Opener (0.21kg)

For example, if the shipping fee of a 0.5kg order is US$6 for a certain destination, then average shipping fee for two items will be only US$3 each.

Here is a list of approximate shipping weight of Keychron add-ons by type.

Add-On Type
Approximate Weight
ABS Keycap Set0.22kg
PBT Keycap Set0.4kg
Double-shot ABS Full Keycap Set0.44kg
Travel Pouch0.31kg
Wooden Palm Rest0.46kg
Wooden Resin Palm Rest0.5kg
Resin Palm Rest0.87kg
Switch Set0.3kg
Aviator Cable0.26kg
Switch Opener0.21kg
Switch Puller0.22kg

Do the math and save more on 😉